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Boyd Tinsley Interview #2

Followers give Boyd courage to Love more!
Boyd Tinsley Interview Part 2

We had an opportunity to sit down with Boyd Tinsley in Chicago after the show to follow up on Faces in the Mirror and some other is what happen:

12/5/2012  11:37PM
Now that Faces in the Mirror has been out for a while, how has the feedback been for you personally?
Boyd Tinsley:
It's been really cool, really special, from the very beginning.  Somehow I got to the point to expect really beautiful things to come from this movie.  Its been that way for four years. What's happened and the way it happened I could never had imagined.  Everywhere it goes it sprouts love.  Love amongst my twitter followers who were really brought together though this movie.  Through Narnia.  Which almost goes hand and hand with this movie.  That's who is really out there spreading the word about this movie.  Its been a thing of love man.  We have had these events all over the country.  You know they are free, for the most part. It's about sharing the art with people to experience this movie together particularly on the big screen because this is a big screen movie.  Especially on a theatre sound system as well.  It sounded f*cking awesome when we played it in the AMC in Pittsburgh.  It was awesome! That was the first time I  had seen it in a regular movie theatre.  That's what it was made for!! I was so psyched! Yes we did it!

DMBTattoo: You already kind of answered my next question regarding the grass roots of spreading the word with this movie, but what's next for Boyd Tinsley, the producer?
BT: I'm going to continue on with this movie and try to do creative things with music in conjunction with it.  We have the soundtrack out now. So now the whole musical element is out now which is almost separate from the movie itself, when you separate it, it's an album.  They are two separate things almost.  It's like another branch that has sprouted out.  What happens from here man, I don't know, I definitely want to do another movie.  When? I don't know.  It's going to be like one of those times, just like everything else in my life, like oh now it's time.  It just comes in a moment, but that moments been years in the making and preparing.  That's the way we did this movie which is insane to do it for that amount of time, to just wait for the magic to happen.  But it just kept happening over and over and over so we always expect just amazing stuff to happen.  I honestly don't know. The only thing I know is I want to continue to put this movie out in front of people and let it spread from people to people.  It was amazing in Pittsburgh, I was so surprised.  I thought there would be 15-20 people .  I went in there and was like holy sh*t! There was 150-200 people  there, I had no idea! Where did these people come from! I had no idea.  Its spreading, just like how DMB spread.  We were grassroots we had fans come in tape our shows, send em around and we started the same way. So that what I know is taking it to the people.  I don't know any other way to do this, in an honest way.

DMBTattoo: Its been a great start so far, everyone loves it, keep it up and we will help as much as we can.  Got a few more here for ya.
DMBTattoo: What's your favorite new song to play form the new album?
BT: I like that one, Rooftop.  I like Drunken solider too.  That's a fun one.  I like the Riff. 

DMBTattoo: I gotta ask ya, I run the DMBTattoo website and I failed to ask you last time you have a tattoo?
BT: No, where should I get one? What should it be?
DMBTattoo: I was going to ask you! What would you get if you ever got one?
BT:  What would I get? I'm not gonna tell's interesting I don't know.
DMBTattoo: What do you think about the fans, the basis of my site, we have 1600 tattoos, all 50 states, 14 countries, all related to Dave Matthews Band.  Some are of your signature.  How do you feel when you sign someones arm and a day later they email it to me tattooed on their arm.  Fans go to this level, how does it make you feel?
BT:  It's intense man.  It's really cool.  It's something I've never experienced before.  In all these years no one has tattooed my signature.
DMBTattoo: Oh there are several of yours! Next time you sign someones arm they may go get that tattooed!
BT:  Actually this summer I do know of a few.  Some have done it since I've been on twitter, starting with Andy Benedetto. It's cool man, it's wow.  You have this eternal connection with this person, part of you, on them for life. It's an intense feeling but it's also sort of a bonding thing, it really is.
DMBtattoo: Well thanks to you and the band I have seen some really creative and unique tattoos so thank you.  Keep on signing people and they will keep getting me tattooed!
BT: I think about tattoos a lot.  I just can never decided exactly what I want.  There is something first I do want, I don't know man.
DMBTattoo: If you could play with any musician that you have never played with before, who would it be?
BT:  Um...that's the thing, that's a short list! The artist I would love the band to do something with is Stevie Wonder. I would love to do a show with him, or have him come out and sit in with us.

DMBtattoo: Finally, what does Boyd Tinsley want for Christmas?
BT: Not much...not much.  Mostly Peace and love.  Presents are presents. They are cool . The thought of it is great, but the actual thing is just a thing.  Half the things you get you put em away and lose em. Bring em out years later and say oh yeah i got  this for Christmas. Those are presents.  But the thing that is cherish able for ever is just love. Not taking everything for granted. Not taking life for granted.  Just know that every time we have the opportunity for love, and we get love it's a beautiful thing to be cherished. There's a lot of fuc*ing non-love, negativity, evil in the world.  It's either one or the other.  To me, just being with these twitter followers and Narnia followers has opened my heart in a big way.  It's given me courage to love more.
DMBTattoo: Thank you Boyd.

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