Friday, November 14, 2014

Tips for Uploading

We just updated and have reached 2346 tattoos and 393 license plates...all related to DMB! 

A few tips to remember when uploading your tattoo/license plate picture

1.  Pick the primary category (Tattoo/Plate)
2.  Pick the secondary category (Firedancer, Plate, Dreaming Tree, etc)
3.  Make sure your picture is facing up.  (not sideways or upsidedown)
4.  Make sure your picture is a clear, & a close up shot. (no far away fuzzy pics)

This helps me approve and post your submissions faster.  It also allows others to see your beautiful artwork up close and in detail.

Thank you! 
Peace and Cheers

Saturday, April 12, 2014

8 years old today! was 8 years ago today. I got a firedancer tattoo in the winter of 2005 and  remember seeing other tattoos on sites like and many defunct boards like Nancies etc. So I decided to post a few threads asking people to submit their tattoos to me because I was starting a website collection of them.  Slowly the collection grew.  We added plates after Debbie at closed up shop. We now feature over 2,200 Tattoos and almost 400 license plates from all over the world; all 50 states and over a dozen countries.

I want to say thank you for the support over the years. I used to hand out paper fliers at shows to people with tattoos back in the early years, then I upgraded to stickers, then nicer stickers, posters, lanyards ticket holders, and more stickers, all trying to market the site.  If it wasn't for great fans helping spread the word, the site wouldn't be what it is today, so thanks.

The best part about operating the site is meeting other fans with tattoos (and without). The stories mean the most.  I have been told countless stories about what an individuals tattoo means to them; everything for simply the love of the band to memorial artwork that brings me to tears.  It is amazing the connection and personal details people share with me about their ink.  I will continue to help and inspire those who wish to get a permanent reminder of this band.  Thank you for the opportunity.

I am very fortunate and am happy to have met many of my best friends and my wife because of this.  
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Cheers to many years to come,